The Share Capital

Currently, the share capital of Mediaset España consists of 336,717,490 shares of nominal value 0.50 euros each, representing a nominal capital of 168,358,745 euros.

The shares are represented by book entries and integrated into a single class and series and have the same economic and political rights to their holders, being the Manager of the Securities Registration, Clearing and Settlement of Securities SA (Iberclear) and its participating entities, in charge of keeping the accounting record. The transformation in entries was agreed by the ordinary and Annual General Meeting of the Company held on March 29, 2004 and formalized in a public deed before notary of Madrid Don Miguel Ruiz-Gallardon Garcia de la Rasilla the May 25, 2004 with the number 4,133 of his protocol which is registered in the commercial register of Madrid. The capital is fully subscribed and paid.

Since its IPO on June 24, 2004, with 246,641,856 million shares, changes in the number of shares of the company were as follows:

April 13 2016

Following AGM approval of the cancellation of 29.457.794 Treasury Shares of €0.50 nominal value, the social share capital will be reduced to €168,358,745. Once the cancellation has taken place, the company’s number of shares will be 336.717.490. The cancellation will be effective from the moment it is recorded in the Official Register.

April 15, 2015

The annual General Meeting held April 15 2015 approved the cancellation of the treasury shares held at that time, 40,686,142 shares. Such cancellation meant reducing the number of shares of the company up to 366,175, 284 million shares and so the nominal capital of the company amounts to 183, 087,642 euros.

December 24, 2010

Mediaset España Communication, under the resolutions adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders held on December 24, 2010, increased its social capital through a non-cash contributions, for the amount of the entire share capital of "Sociedad General de Televisión Cuatro, SAU”, 36,700,935 euro, by issuing 73,401,870 ordinary shares of 0.50 euro par value each, of the same class and series as those already in circulation.

The new shares were issued at par value (0.50 euro) plus a premium equal to 7.30 euro per share, making it the issue price of 7.80 euro per share. The total capital increase amounted to 572,534,586 euros. The shares are admitted to trading on January 26, 2011.

December 16, 2010

Mediaset España Communication adopted in its Annual General Meeting held on April 14, 2010, a capital increase for a nominal amount of 43,408,850 euro, through the issuance of 86,817,700 new ordinary shares of the same class and series as the previous in circulation and with preferential subscription rights for shareholders at that time. The issue price of the new shares was 5.75 euro/per share, the total amount thereof of 499,201,775 euro. Each existing share of the Company (excluding treasury shares Mediaset Spain Communication SA held) accounted a right of first refusal, 14 preferential subscription rights required to subscribe five newly issued shares.

The capital increase was fully subscribed and paid. The majority shareholder of the Company entered into such extension all corresponding shares in the exercise of preemptive rights available to him.

The shares are admitted to trading on December 16, 2010.