Mediaset España completes its multichanel offer with the launch of Energy

Energy will commence broadcasting on January 9th , 2012; the new Mediaset España channel is designed to meet the leisure needs of a predominantly male audience. A new television offering, aimed at younger viewers and urban character, which starts its emissions test on the morning of Tuesday December 27.

With Energy comes a Channel which will pivot heavily on sport, with the progressive incorporation into its lineup of exclusive content and retransmission of sporting events of the highest level available to Mediaset España, such as the Motorcycle World Championship in three categories, the European Football Championships 2012, the King's Cup Football, UEFA Europa League, NBA Basketball, European Indoor Football 2012-exclusively for Energy- the 7-a-side championship, whose matches will be included in the provisional schedule tests as from Tuesday.
Sport will be part of the genetics of the channel from its launch, so much so that January 9th Energy will hold its first live broadcast from Zurich to offer viewers the chance to see the Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) 2011 ceremony, a title awarded by FIFA and the specialist magazine France Football where the players will choose from the Spanish Football League players Leo Messi (FC Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) and Xavi Hernandez (FC Barcelona), at a gala that will also be offered to simultaneously with narration by JJ Santos, Sara Carbonero and Manu Carreño. Also, the new chain will exclusively host the program summary of the UEFA Europa League presented by Ramon Fuentes, “Europa en Juego,"(Europe’s Playing) which so far has been broadcast on LaSiete, and will release a new space in which the journalists analyze the results of the King's Cup.
The international fiction series section, European and American, will form one of the most important props of Energy throughout their first trimester of life. Exclusive premieres of acclaimed productions such as "Sons of Anarchy" and re-runs of anticipated productions such as the prequel to "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" or "Strike back" (recently released on Cuatro).
The in house programs and reports will figure prominently in the contents of Energy. On the one hand, night owls will find a nightly appointment Monday through Friday with provocative reports y noctámbulo on the new channel, through which the channel will show the dark side of the world of pleasure, the local nightlife professions and the world of sex. In it, a selection of reports of "Callejeros", "Sin Cities", "After hours", "Baghdad, the Realm of the Senses" and "sexual guide of the century".

Finally, the new channel will be including a battery of docu-reality shows, some of them bought by Mediaset España especially for this new bet: “Destination truth", "That Tough", "The international sexy ladies show", "Mythbusters", "Dirty Jobs", "Scare Tactics"
With the launch of this new network, Mediaset España closes its multichannel offer with content that complements the existing family of channels of the company, formed today by the Telecinco channel which is aimed at the general public; Cuatro-oriented towards young viewers; LaSiete, a window to the best content from the previous two channels, Factoría de Ficción, the only open channel dedicated to movies and series, Boing, for children and young audiences and Divinity, directed at young women.