FAQs General Shareholder´s Meeting


When will the next Annual Shareholder´s Meeting be held?

The Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting is convened once a year, within the first six months of each year. The last Meeting was held on April 27, 2017 and the next will be beginning 2018.

Where will the next Annual Shareholder´s Meeting be held?

The Annual General Shareholder’s Meeting is usually held at Mediaset España’s registered address in Madrid, Carretera de Fuencarral a Alcobendas 4.

The Notice of the call will be sent in advance to every shareholder, stating the place, the date and time of the meeting.

How do I get to Mediaset España?

You can reach Mediaset España via the following public transport:

Metro: Las Tablas or Fuencarral (Line 10 both).

From Chamartín: 

                    -          Bus 152 A and 154 A (to Crta. Fuencarral a Alcobendas, opposite the Army)

                    -          RENFE, direction to Colmenar Viejo or direction to S.S de los Reyes/Alcobendas. Stop “Fuencarral” and then take the bus “T61” to Crta. Fuencarral a Alcobendas, opposite the Army.

From Plaza Castilla
                    -          Bus 176 (EMT).

Parking is available at Mediaset Spain?

Mediaset Spain has no parking spaces. Metrovacesa building, located next door, has public parking.

What is discussed in the Annual Shareholder´s Meeting?

Its main purpose is the approval of the Annual Accounts for the previous year, approved by the Board of Directors, and to decide on the distribution of the profit that goes to reserves and to dividends.

General meeting of shareholders is the Company's highest decision-making body which deliberates and decides important issues concerning the Company, reflecting the opinions of shareholders. Hence, as a shareholder, the Annual Meeting is your opportunity to be directly involved in some decisions of the company. You will be asked to vote on important matters and will be able to ask questions to Board members.

Where can the shareholders obtain the information relating to the Annual Shareholders´ Meeting?

In section AGM, in the tab for the year, you will find all the necessary information.

Who is entitled to attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting?

Those shareholders registered as holding any number of shares with voting rights and speaking rights may attend the General Meeting. In accordance with the provisions of Article 26 of the Articles of Association, of Section 15 of the General Meeting Regulations and of Section 179 of the Limited Companies Act, shareholders are requested to register their shares on the relevant book entry system five (5) days prior to the date of the General Meeting and to be in possession of Attendance/Proxy Cards issued by the Company.

How to exercise or delegate the right to vote?

The proxy will be granted by filling in the proxy section of the Attendance/Proxy Card or by any other legally approved procedure. The proxy form shall include or append the Agenda, the representative’s identity, application for instructions on voting and voting orders for the proxy in the event no specific instructions have been provided. In this event, proxy will be assumed granted to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Unless otherwise stated, when the board of directors prepare a public request of representation, the exercise of the rights to vote corresponding to the shareholders shares will be exercised by the Chairman. Unless otherwise stated, it will be considered that the shareholder gives precise instructions of affirmative votes to the proposed resolutions in the Board Meeting in every General Meeting.

The Company's website will enable, one month prior to the Meeting, an Electronic Forum Meeting, which will be accessible to both the individual shareholders as well as the voluntary associations under the provisions of the Public Limited Companies Act, which may constitute, in order to facilitate communication prior to the convening of the General Board. The Forum will be available until the Annual General Meeting is held.

What should I do if I don´t receive or if I lose the attendance, proxy and voting card for the Meeting?

You should either contact the financial institution where your shares are deposited so that they can provide you with a duplicate card or failing a certificate proving your status as a shareholder, or you should fill in your details on the standard attendance, proxy and voting form available on Mediaset España’s website in the AGM section.

What is the purpose of the Shareholders' Electronic Forum? How I can access it?

The Forum is enabled in order to facilitate the communication between shareholders and Mediaset España (both individuals and corporations, and voluntary associations that may be established) on the occasion of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The Forum is not a mechanism for online electronic conversation among shareholders, or a virtual discussion, nor is a communication channel between the Company and its shareholders.

In the Forum, shareholders may perform the following actions:

a)      Proposals that are intended to be submitted as a supplement to the agenda announced in the call notice.

b)      Requests for seconding such proposals.

c)      Initiatives for achieving a sufficient percentage to exercise a minority right as provided for by law.

d)      Offers or solicitations for voluntary proxies.

The forum will go live for each Shareholders General Meeting on the date of the call for the Shareholders' Meeting, and will end the day before the General Meeting. Without prejudice to the limits established under the Public Limited Companies Act.

To access the Electronic Forum, shareholders will have to be registered as User of the Shareholders Electronic Forum and obtain a password through the Company website following the instructions and terms of use for this purpose.

Is there attendance bonus or gift?

The Company does not intend to give attendance bonus or a gift for attending the Annual General Meeting.

How can I receive a copy of the information distributed in the Shareholders General Meeting?

In the Shareholders section, in the tab for the year you will find all the information provided during the Meeting.