Giuliano Adreani


From 1962 to 1994, the year he joined the Mediaset Group, he worked at Sipra, an advertising concession company of Rai. In that company he was responsible for all the commercial and creative communication sectors concerning daily newspapers, magazines, radio and television. In
1991 he was appointed General Manager of the same company.
In 2003 he was appointed “Cavaliere del Lavoro” by the President of the Italian Republic.
He is currently:
- Managing Director of Mediaset S.p.A.,
- Chairman and Managing Director of Publitalia '80 S.p.A.,
- Chairman of Digitalia 08 S.r.l.,
- Board member of R.T.I., Gestevision Telecinco S.A., Medusa Film S.p.A., Auditel,
- Board member and Deputy Chairman of Publiespana,
- Member of the Executive Committee of the Unione del Commercio del Turismo dei Servizi e
delle Professioni of the Province of Milan. .