Manuel Polanco Moreno


Manuel Polanco Moreno holds a degree in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and has spent his entire career at PRISA. In January 2009 he was named general director of the Group's business units, a post he has held till his latest appointment to the presidency of PRISA TV (formerly Sogecable).
In 1991, he took over as head of Santillana Chile and Peru. He was editor-in-chief of the Mexican newspaper La Prensa and launched the American edition of El País. In 1996 he became director of Santillana in Latin America and the United States, based in Miami. He was president of Gerencia de Medios (GDM) and the Grupo Empresarial de Medios Impresos (GMI), both belonging to PRISA. In 2005 he was named CEO of the Portuguese media group Media Capital (TVI), where he spent more than three years.
He is chairman of Diario AS, PRISA Director since 2001, a member of its Executive Committee since 2008 and Director at Sogecable since 2006. He is at present Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prisa TV and also of its Executive Committee.