Mario Rodríguez Valderas


Born in Madrid , Attorney at Law and Business from Icade , and master's degree in Legal Management from the Free Institute of Law and Economics.
He began his professional career at Santiago Muñoz Machado (1991-1998) firm lawyer, where he specialized in law relating to media.
In 1998 he joined Telecinco, forming part of the team that created the Legal and the Internal Audit Departments of the company. In 2000 he was appointed Secretary of the Board and in 2003 Secretary General and as such represents Mediaset España in the main forums within the audiovisual sector. He is also in charge of the Corporate Governance and Responsibility of the company. In December 2010, Mario Rodriguez was appointed corporate CEO. At the last General Meeting, held in April 2014, has been appointed member of the Board of Directors of Mediaset España.
Moreover, he is a professor of the Institute of Company Law Media and Telecommunications.
Also, within the Mediaset España Group he holds the following positions:
Mediaset España Comunicación S.A.                           Secretary
Publiespaña S.A.U.                                                       Secretary
Grupo Editorial Tele 5 , SAU                                         Secretary
Premiere Megaplex S.A.U.                                            CEO / Secretary/Director
Conecta 5 Telecinco, SAU                                            Non-Executive Secretary
Mediacinco Cartera , SL                                               Non-Executive Secretary
Telecinco Cinema , SAU                                               Non-Executive Secretary
BigBang Media , SL                                                     Non-Executive Secretary
Producciones Mandarina , SL                                      Non-Executive Secretary
Shows Factory , SL                                                      Non-Executive Secretary
Enternainment 60db , SL                                             Non-Executive Secretary
Megamedia Television , SL                                          Non-Executive Secretary
Supersport TV , SL                                                      Non-Executive Secretary
Netsonic , SL                                                               Non-Executive Secretary
Editorial Sogecable S.A.U.                                          Sole Administrator
Sogecable Media, S.L.U.                                            Joint Administrator