Get to know us

Get to know us
  • Mediaset España is Spain's largest media company

  • Its channels include Telecinco, the most watched free-to-air TV channel in Spain, aimed at all audience segments

Mediaset España is Spain's largest media company. Listed since 2004, it boasts a family of complementary channels for different audience profiles. It is the Spanish market leader by audience share thanks to its commitment to in-house production, which has made it one of Spain's largest content creators and producers. Its extensive range of content generates the strongest demand in the market among both linear TV and digital viewers.

Its channels include Telecinco, the most watched free-to-air TV channel in Spain, aimed at all audience segments; Cuatro, the third most popular channel among millennials; Factoría de Ficción, the leading themed channel with a range of series and movies; Boing, the most-watched commercial kids' channel; Divinity, aimed at young women; Energy, the top global fiction TV channel for young male viewers and BeMad, the latest addition to the family of channels.

Online, Mediaset España has two content platforms: Mitele, which offers all Mediaset España content live and on-demand, and Mtmad, a native digital video channel for on-demand audiovisual leisure.

Mediaset España also debuted in paid content distribution in 2019 with the launch of Mitele PLUS, a subscription-only platform where viewers can enjoy all Mitele content uninterrupted, along with other exclusive content.

The company has also enhanced its brand in the distribution, sale and production of third-party content through the subsidiary Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group, taking its content to almost 200 countries worldwide. To harness the potential of the booming audiovisual market and on-demand viewing, the company united its entire network of production companies, giving the total freedom and independence needed in rising to the challenge of creating and distributing all content types, both for its own channels and third-party channels and platforms, signing agreements with the top players in the sector worldwide. Mediterráneo showcases all of the creativity, talent, diversity and success contributed by production companies Telecinco Cinema, Alea Media, Mandarina Producciones, La Fábrica de la Tele, Bulldog, Alma Producciones, Fénix Media, Megamedia, Supersport and Eldesmarque. Offering a catalogue of movies, fiction, entertainment, sports and digital native shows, all fully available to new agents through which the company is successfully diversifying its offer and business opportunities.

The regulation on financing films that applies to private television operators has led Mediaset España to consolidate Telecinco Cinema, which is currently the leading Spanish film production company with the three highest-grossing films in the history of Spain ‘Ocho Apellidos Vascos’ (Spanish Affair), ‘Lo Imposible’ (The Impossible) and ‘Ocho Apellidos Catalanes’ (Eight Catalan Surnames).

The Company also operates in other business segments with companies such as Atlas, the leading Spanish audiovisual news agency; and Ad4ventures, a venture capital unit that specialises in investment in emerging digital businesses.

Publiespaña is the advertising subsidiary of Mediaset España responsible for the commercial operation of all the group’s media, with specific developments that allow advertising to be adapted to the needs of each client, strengthening the synergies between television, internet, cinema and advertising, and adapting the opportunities of that come from a business which is constantly evolving to the duty of information and audiovisual entertainment in a safe environment with a focus on quality for the advertiser. In order to develop specific advertising campaigns and initiatives on social networks, it also relies on Be A Lion, a company that specialises in communication solutions to help brands to gain a foothold in territories and lead conversations on social media.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Mediaset España established in 2000 the ‘12 Months’ initiative, which committed to raising awareness among viewers about a wide range of social, health and environmental causes through successful and effective campaigns such as ‘Eres perfecto para otros’ (You are perfect for others), aimed at promoting a culture of and encouraging debate on organ donation; ‘Se buscan valientes’ (Searching for the brave), a campaign against bullying; and ‘La tribu del corazón’ (The tribe of the heart), aimed at preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Mediaset España’s registered office is located at Ctra. Fuencarral a Alcobendas, 4, 28049 Madrid, and, as a national audiovisual communication service provider, it is subject to oversight by the regulatory body of the audiovisual market in Spain, the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission.

Our channels


Telecinco has been a leader in commercial television in Spain for more than two decades, in the commercial target and among young people, the majority of which opt for its offering, giving the channel a unique position amongst Spanish national televisions.


Cuatro is Mediaset España’s second channel in terms of audience numbers and is the other mainstay of the group’s qualitative offering, along with Telecinco. The channel boasts a strong commercial profile, with positive conversion of its viewers among the most dynamic audience segment thanks to its proprietary production formats, where it has opted to seek out innovative proposals and original productions.


Factoría de Ficción is the leading special-interest channel since 2011, and also ranks third with regard to Spanish television channels among young people ages 13 to 24, ahead even of some general-interest channels. Its consolidated programming offer, made up of iconic Spanish comedies, successful American series and comedy shows, has cemented the undisputed leadership of Mediaset España’s film and series channel.


Mediaset España brings children and their families together in front of the screen through Boing, the leading commercial television channel for more than five years and the most watched channel by the youngest viewers out of all children’s television channels in recent months. The exclusive premiere of series recognised for their originality and its commitment to produce its own content, capable of generating positive feedback in the digital environment, are the main pillars of its success.


Energy’s focus on international series aimed at a male audience has made the channel Mediaset España’s second most watched special-interest channel, behind Factoría de Ficción. The channel’s offering includes series of all types of genres together with different action films.


Divinity is a channel designed for women and is considered an established lovemark by viewers, internet users and advertisers, as a result of providing content through differentiated special-interest labels and the creation of special programming events.


Be Mad is a channel aimed at an urban and commercial audience between the ages of 16 and 44, one of the most attractive and sought-after segments for advertisers.

Our digital offer


Mitele is the leading live and on-demand television content platform in Spain. It leads the group’s digital audiovisual consumption with all of Mediaset España’s on-demand content of news, programmes, documentaries, films and sporting events, and more than 60 hours of live broadcast from Telecinco and Cuatro every day, coupled with exclusive content.


Mitele PLUS, the platform for those who love television and want new content beyond the wide range of Mediaset España’s free-to-air offerings, stands out for its commitment to user interaction and extended content, with additional developments, premium events, exclusive live channels and applications to enrich the user experience. It includes the broadcasting of Mediaset España’s range of entertainment programmes and pre-releases and exclusive content, all live and on demand, with the possibility of downloading the content offline using mobile applications, and the start over feature in order to watch a live broadcast that has already started from the beginning, with access to the platform from social networks.

Mitele PLUS International has also been developed, a subscription-based platform available in practically every country worldwide. Its offering most notably includes all the daily news from the various Telecinco news editions, Mediaset España’s own productions, a wide range of Spanish and foreign series, a selection of films produced by Telecinco Cinema, as well as numerous docusoaps, miniseries, competitions, talent shows and top-level sporting events, among others.


In line with the growing demand for native digital content from the millennial audience, Mediaset España’s digital offering includes Mtmad, an online exclusive video platform with different channels that it collaborates with to constantly create innovative formats, introducing audiovisual languages into the group’s digital environment that complement the large universe of characters of its own production, with the launch of cross-media genres that are very pioneering in terms of reality vlogs, series and live shows.


Mediaset España also has El Desmarque, one of the most widely followed sports news platforms in Spain, which focuses on multidisciplinary sports news and most notably the geographic segmentation of information through its 14 editions. Its offering is rounded out with special-interest sites dedicated to e-sports, football managers leagues, videogames, series, films, television and gadgets.


NIUS Diario joined the group’s offering in 2019, a digital editorial initiative to accurately communicate and contrast the top news stories through all the usual channels consulted online, social networks, news search engines, podcasts and voice assistants. Its editorial staff is made up of professionals with extensive audiovisual experience, with offices all over Spain and correspondents in major cities around the world.


Alongside NIUS, Uppers was also launched in 2019, which is the group’s new website aimed at meeting the demand for content and information among a +45 urban audience, a highly sought after audience by advertisers due to its commercial profile. With the Upper generation, the generation with experience, the Company seeks to round out its selection of content and offering for brands, while at the same time aiming to generate interest among middle-aged users, a target with great commercial potential due to their high consumer-levels, recommendations and influence.


Along with the Uppers site, Mediaset España has the digital universe Yasss, an entertainment and information website aimed at millennial and centennial users, which has consolidated its position by focusing on the issues that interest its target audience through information, games, quizzes and memes, and by creating a community through its social networks