Mediaset España: Who are we?

logo telecinco

Telecinco is the leading channel in all audiences, its programming is based on information and entertainment through its offer of fiction and current affairs.

In 2017 Telecinco has added its sixth consecutive and absolute audience victory, establishing 18 years of leadership among commercial television channels with an average audience of 13.3% share, 1 point ahead of the second television option. Telecinco has sustained this solid victory in its ability to get the audience to switch on during the day time (13.2%) and especially the prime time, a slot that has led for the sixth consecutive year with a 13.5% share.

logo cuatro

Cuatro is the TV channel for young audiences with a programming model based in docu-realities, adventures, game shows, documentaries, coaching programs and a careful selection of foreign TV series.

Cuatro closed 2017 with a 6.2% share in total individuals, being the channel of reference among the millennials and the third most important commercial television in commercial target. Cuatro has been the national network that has released more in-house formats in 2017, a varied entertainment offer with which it has delved into all genres, from comedy to dating show, docu-reality, adventures, reports and research.


The essence of Factoría de Ficción is fiction and its promise is to offer the best TV series for all audiences. Its consolidated programming offer, made up of iconic national comedies, successful American fictions and comedic slots, have cemented the incontestable mix of the Mediaset España film and series channel.

Factoria de Ficcion has ended 2017 as the leading thematic channel for the sixth consecutive year with a 3.1% share, also becoming the third national television channel amongst young people 13 to 24 years old with an 8.9% share.


Boing is Mediaset España´s family channel with contents to entertain and teach the smallest members of the family.

For the fifth consecutive year Boing has positioned itself as the leading children's channel among commercial channels with a 12.2% share of the screen in 2017, establishing a distance of 2.3 points compared to Disney Channel.

logo divinity

Divinity has continued to build its brand image thanks to the articulation of its contents through various themes, its fiction and factual premieres and the creation of special programming events.

Continuous innovation, the incorporation of new trends and the pioneering character have all helped to set the Divinity television model in 2017, a year in which it confirmed its position as the third most watched thematic channel and the leading female channel with 2.2% share in total individuals, 2.8% in commercial target and 3.6% in its target audience (women 16-44 years old). Its search for new horizons, based on a 360º expansion strategy, has led the channel to expand and reinforce its own production offer.

logo energy

Energy a channel targeting a male audience with sport, foreign TV series, action cinema films and docu-realities.

Energy's commitment to international fiction aimed at a male audience has, in 2017, achieved its best historical record with a 2.0% share, in prime time the channel achieves a share of 2.1%.


BeMad in its second year of broadcasting, the Mediaset España’s HD channel achieved an audience of 0.6%, 0.2 points increase versus the previous year. The channel climbs to 0.8% audience in commercial target and 0.9% in its core target (16 to 44 year old male viewers).

The firm commitment to in-house production, factuals and docu-realities for the most restless minds, lovers of unusual gastronomy, technology, music, social networks and addicts to the latest app are the hallmarks of this channel.

Mitele logo

Mediaset España

Mediaset España has also developed mitele, a platform streaming contents online both live and on demand, where users can enjoy a wide range of programs also available on both the website and the mitele app. The offer includes Series, TV programs, movies, sports etc… among these contents successful format such as Big Brother, The Voice, Callejeros, Mujeres Hombres y Viceversa etc are also available, completing the TV offer and increase the popularity of its content.

The Mediaset Group produces and broadcasts audio-visual content on different platforms (television and internet) to commercially exploit them through Publiespaña, Publimedia Gestión and the Commercial area, in charge of the sale of rights, licenses and derivative products.

The commercial exploitation of Mediaset España’s media advertising space has once again placed the company as a leader in advertising investment in the national media sector with a market share of 43.3% in 2016 according to Infoadex. This position has once again been accompanied by the leadership in levels of ad recall and notoriety of its client’s campaigns, thus confirming the success of the strategy developed by Publiespaña in recent years.

In addition, the Mediaset Group produces cinema and operates in the field of audio-visual news agencies. Telecinco Cinema, a cinematographic affiliated company of Mediaset España, has produced world-class films, making it a point of reference in the Spanish cinematographic industry.

Four premieres to achieve a historic success for Telecinco Cinema at the end of 2017, with a double triumph as leader of the Spanish cinema, leading for the fourth consecutive year. Its four releases in cinemas were the four most watched Spanish films with the highest grossing of the year.

The global box-office takings obtained by ' Tadeo Jones 2. El secreto del Rey Midas’ (Tadeo Jones 2. The secret of King Midas), ‘Perfectos Desconocidos’ (Perfect Unknowns), ‘Es por tu bien’ (It's for your own good) and ‘El secreto de Marrowbone’ (The Secret of Marrowbone) has resulted in a 47.7% share over €100.2 million total box-office reached by the 188 Spanish premieres of the year. In addition, the four films have managed to accumulate 8 million viewers in the cinemas.

However, Mediaset España is not just involved in television. The company has various shares in companies in the audio-visual sector, mainly in Spain, as well as in other countries. These shares allow the company to position itself and have contact with all areas related to their main business. It also has significant shares in 23 different companies.

The main companies in the Mediaset España group are those where more than 50% of voting rights are directly or indirectly owned by the company, which gives them the capability to effectively control them.